Brian and Health Ed Pros have been coming here for many years and always do an outstanding job. I believe my students learn valuable information from their programs.

Teacher, Brownsburg High School

Does a great job adapting lessons to our requests; keeps students engaged.

Brady W. Armstrong, Danville High School

Teaches a "touchy subject" with straight talk that speaks at a students level of understanding.

Teacher, Avon High School

Very informative... Instructor was great! :-)                                                        Teacher, Center Grove High School

This program (TSE/BSE) does an excellent job of presenting information to our students.

Teacher, Avon High School

Instructor did a great job. Very comfortable setting for an awkward topic for our 10th graders.

Teacher, Center Grove High School

Mentioning how marijuana caused tar build-up was very important for my students to hear.

Teacher, IPS High School

Professional presentation that is very applicable to high school students.

Brady W. Armstrong, Danville High School

Great content that keeps most students engaged. Well done and very insightful.

Teacher, Danville High School

Great stuff!  Students seemed really engaged and in tune with the info.  Loved the ladder activity!  Incredibly relevant/relatable info for students.  A lot of great student interaction.

Teacher, Avon High School

Excellent and engaging presentation! Very informational with items on STDs/STIs.  Eye opening for most teenagers.  I will highly recommend this program to other teachers/coaches I know!

Teacher, Avon High School

Funny, entertaining and educational… I loved hearing the statistics on our youth.  Always does a great job!!!

Teacher, Crawfordsville High School

Mr. Brian Lucas brings energy, entertainment, and education to your classroom! He is very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching young adults the importance of healthy relationships and decision-making.

Teacher, Avon High School

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