Health Ed Pros was awarded $200,000 from the Indiana State Department of Health’s Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission for 2017-2019 to implement the Getting a Head Start on Living Tobacco Free program with Indiana Head Start programs.

Children who are exposed to secondhand smoke get sick more often, suffering from ear infections, asthma attacks, bronchitis, and pneumonia.  Sadly, more than 1,400 Hoosiers die from exposure to secondhand smoke each year.  Adults with lower income and education levels use tobacco at higher rates, which makes Head Start an ideal partner.

Head Start is the largest early childhood and family education program in the nation, offering comprehensive child development services to economically disadvantaged children and families with an emphasis on parental involvement.



Health Ed Pros is currently working with the following Head Start and
Early Head Start Agencies:

Carey Services (Grant County)

Community & Family Services (Blackford, Huntington, Wells, Adams, Jay, and Randolph Counties)

Community Care in Union County (Union County)

Kankakee-Iroquois Regional Planning Commission (Newton, Jasper, and Pulaski Counties)

Pathfinder Services (Huntington County)

South Central Community Action Program (Monroe County)

More coming soon…

The program focuses on educating Head Start staff and families about the harms of secondhand smoke and how to lessen exposure to secondhand smoke. Participants learn how secondhand smoke hurts, what secondhand smoke costs and how they can quit using tobacco.

Participating centers receive free, hands-on training to help educate staff how tobacco use and secondhand smoke may impact the families they oversee, and the program is designed to help fulfill federal Head Start performance standards. Free educational materials are also available to promote living tobacco-free.

Parents may be unknowingly contributing to their child’s health problems, like asthma, by exposing them to secondhand smoke in their home or car.  Trained staff can help parents make the connection between their tobacco use and related health problems and encourage parents to maintain smoke-free home environments for children, and to create a tobacco-free lifestyle by quitting tobacco use.


  • Completed tobacco education trainings for Head Starts across 11 counties in regards to the Indiana Tobacco Quitline and the Ask, Advise, Refer method to help support tobacco users who want to quit, while also teaching about secondhand smoke and how to work with parents to help protect their children.
  • Helped the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission create and pilot ‘Breathe’, the newest tobacco cessation curriculum that will be utilized in Head Starts across the state during the new 2019 academic year.
  • Reviewed several Head Start agencies' tobacco policies and provided suggestions for strengthening them to protect more children and families.
  • Sending monthly informational newsletter emails with tips on how to live a smoke-free life to participating Head Start Centers.
  • Created custom county specific tobacco cessation flyers with local resources that aid in quitting tobacco.
  •  Created and taught a child education curriculum at Head Starts for students ages 3-5 on the dangers of household poisons with an emphasis on tobacco products.
  •  Attended multiple family orientated and public events across the state to educate the communities on the health and financial costs of using tobacco.
  • Helping the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation commission analyze and revise new and upcoming tobacco education training materials.
  • Conducted store audits on tobacco products at local convenience stores and hookah shops.
  • Participated in World Asthma Day with our coalition partner, Smoke-Free Indy, to raise awareness about the harms of tobacco and its affect on lung health.
  •  Participated in Indy Do Day with our coalition partner, Smoke-Free Indy, to clean up downtown Indianapolis by collecting over 3 pounds of cigarette butts.
  •  Presented a research poster on the Getting a Head Start on Living Tobacco Free curriculum at the Indiana School Health Network conference.
  • Stay tuned for more exciting activities planned throughout 2018!!


  • Tobacco kills more than car accidents, aids, homicides, and alcohol combined, adding up to 480,000 deaths a year.
  • For every 8 smokers who die from using tobacco products, 1 non-smoker is killed by secondhand smoke.
  • Secondhand smoke contains 5,000 chemicals, 43 of which have been proven to cause cancer.
  • Tobacco smoke coats the surface of every space where a cigarette is smoked, when this is ingested by people this is called Third-Hand Smoke.
  • Over 900 low birth weight babies in Indiana are born as a result of secondhand smoke.
  • 1 in 5 Hoosier adults (21.1%) were current smokers in 2016.
  • Indiana has the 10th highest smoking prevalence in the US.
  • Smoking costs Hoosiers an estimated $2.93 billion  annually in health care costs.
  • Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of premature death and disease in the US.
  • In 2016, 2.8% of middle school students and 10.5% of high school students reported current e-cigarette use.
  • E-cigarettes are the most commonly used tobacco product among Hoosier youth.
  • The U.S. Surgeon General has stated that e-cigarette aerosol is not harmless “water vapor”.
  • In 2016, 13.5% of pregnant women in Indiana smoked during their pregnancy.


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For help quitting tobacco call 1-800-Quit-Now or log on

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American Cancer Society:

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